Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Become a PickensPlan Supporter!

I am now a HUGE fan of T Boone Pickens and his "PickensPlan" On the right you can play a brief video that gives a great overview of the energy INsecurity America faces and the plan to set it right.

PickensPlan is EXACTLY the kind of pragmatic approach that can be done and would mean amazing gains in the American economy, security and environment over the next 10 years.

I encourage you to look through the extremely impressive website they have up -- which allows for joining an amazing community of folks "the army" as Pickens calls them, who are all signing up to support and promote this important path forward for America The plan is basically this: replace the natural gas we use in electricity generation with massive investment in wind energy -- and then use the natural gas we would otherwise use on the electric sector -- as a transportation fuel for our cars.

Click here to see the full website which allows you to sign up for email updates, become a supporter and learn more about the plan.

Reading through the comments on the PickensPlan site made me feel amazing about the potential of Americans to really come together and push for something really important. When we put our ingenuity and creativity forward and don't divide ourselves over petty differences, Americans can do anything!!

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